Thursday, 15 June 2017

Plan an exclusive stay in one of the best budget restaurants in Udaipur

Want to spend your holiday in the midst of beautiful lakes, lush gardens, massive forts, historical palaces and artistic temples? Then Udaipur is the place for you. It is an ideal tourist destination for foreign and national travelers. It is an amazing city with picturesque views of the shimmering lakes and the tall Aravalli Range. But given a limited budget, how can you make the most of your visit?

Do your research right
When planning a vacation bear in mind the budget you are limited to. Before visiting Udaipur, make plans and research on the places to see and stay. Udaipur offers hotels for every budget, both luxurious and budget. If you wish to stay in true Maharaja style, then make your bookings in advance to avoid the holiday rush and exuberant prices. Make sure you plan your itinerary in a way that you don’t regret missing out on anything after you leave the place. So given the limited budget and time, make the most of your visit by planning right. Plan your trip and stay to give the most amazing experience of this stunning city to your loved ones. So whether you are planning for a honeymoon or a family outing, Udaipur will not disappoint you.

A luxurious stay
Udaipur offers many luxurious hotels and resorts to cater to all types of travelers. So if you want to revisit the Rajputana era then choose to stay at the many resorts that Udaipur has to offer. These hotels make every guest feel like a celebrity with their impeccable service. Palatial buildings, elegant interiors and comfortable rooms will make you a truly royal experience. These hotels obviously are pricey, but if you plan and book in advance you might get a great deal. So if you want experience Udaipur extravagantly then, many hotel in Udaipur and resorts like Shree Vilas will give you an enjoyable escapade.

Why make your stay extravagant and pleasant?
When you think of Udaipur, a glimpse of massive havelis, glittering lakes and scenic beauty come to mind. Many hotels make you feel like you are staying in a palace with their authentic, traditional and beautiful interiors. Since Udaipur is the city of Maharajas, why not stay there in true Maharaja style. Comfortable and spacious rooms, acres of lush green gardens and romantic mountain and lake view will make your stay memorable and delightful. These resorts and lakeside villas will burn a hole in your pocket but their service and stay will make it all worthwhile.

Try the mouth-watering treats
Whether you want to try the delicious delicacies on the street side cafes or in a plush restaurant, Udaipur offers plenty of eateries with delectable and traditional food. So do try the authentic Rajasthani food at the luxurious restaurants or Budget Restaurants in udaipur, with an amazing view of the pristine lakes and beautiful palaces. Traditional food like Dal Bhaati Churma, Pyaaz Kachori, Ghewar and Mirchi Bada to name a few, are available at any local eatery. Make sure to taste the regional food for lunch or dinner with your loved ones at the local budget restaurants. They will sure leave your palate wanting for more.

Hotel in Udaipur
Book city tours
In case you have been to Udaipur before, you might know all the great spots to visit. But if this is your first visit, then you surely need to plan a proper tour of the city so that nothing worth seeing is missed. Many traveling agencies book custom-made city tours which include in city travelling and tickets for monuments. This might be a reasonable deal because of their all-inclusive package and also you will not skip any significant tourist attraction. So if you are a big group then booking city tours is the best option. In case of a lone traveler, you may buy a map and explore the city. For larger groups these agencies also give buses and cars on rent so you can explore the city on your own too.

If budget is a limitation then careful planning and advance booking is advised. Some hotels and resorts also offer great deals and discounts during off-season on their website. So you can take advantage of it and plan a luxurious stay at any of the extravagant resorts with your limited budget.

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