Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 Awesome Romantic Destination to Explore by Honeymooners

Honeymoon is once a lifetime affair; and must be planned well in advance. It’s as important as getting married. Honeymoon is all about a romantic holiday spent by newly married couple. Natural lake view hotel Udaipur in India is in great demand for honeymooners from across the world. But, what about people who loves beaches, cosmopolitan culture, or medieval imprints. We dig deep to find the best holiday destinations! 

So, let’s find out today the most romantic destinations to spend honeymoon…
Few Take Away:
1.      Hawaii

Hawaii is all about the ‘mesmeric beaches, whispering palms, whistling waves kissing the shores, and fragrance of tropical flowers’. The tranquil and azure oceans attract honeymooners to cross and cuddle in the romantic sprinkled beaches of Hawaii. The sensuous island is all about love, unforgettable sunsets, Polynesian culture, and jovial life. So, merrymaking is apt to describe!

2.      France

France, reminds us of an evening in ‘Paris’; the place where cupid was born and love was crafted. The irresistible charm, alluring sights, and elegance of environs makes lovers bind into one forever. From the glamour of ‘Riviera’, to the fading yet vibrant Provence, wines of Bordeaux and French Cuisine can only beckon lovers from ages.

3.      Bermuda

Bermuda is beloved by honeymooners for its out of ordinary ‘pink sands beaches, love sprinkled moon gates, emerald gold course, beach culture, and British accents’. The visit to ‘Royal Navy Dockyards; or a bike ride or scooter ride through the ‘flower beds lanes, shore line, and tryst secluded cave leading to sea shore.

4.      Italy

Italy the azure nation is known for its ‘culture, food, wine, football, medieval time wonders, and historic cities’. The nation is decked with legends borrowed from great cities of ‘Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples’. From the ‘countryside to coastal line and urban culture to Vatican ambiance’ it’s all about fairy tales. In every great poems, epic, or stories ‘Italy’ has found its credit; but to witness it is to live dream.

5.      Udaipur

Udaipur the city of Lakes; and also known as ‘Venice of East’ is a royal city of India. The honeymooners and wedding planner’s first choice. It’s a must visit destination before one die. For honeymooners the boat cruise at lake Pichola, exploring the majestic Palaces, discovering the intriguing artifacts of yesteryears, revealing museums of glorious past, and delicious cuisines. From its length to breadth it’s all about love and beautiful dreams. 

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